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Appraising Your Heirlooms

Appraisal Service

We appraise most fine jewelry, watches, and silver, and provide free appraisals for items purchased at Betteridge. Current values are determined through an archive of available information or through an in-person assessment by one of our appraisal experts.

Purchased elsewhere?

We charge $140/hour for appraisals of items not purchased from Betteridge, with a minimum of $70 for appraisals that take a half hour or less.

Appraisal timing

Customers may bring in items for appraisal any time during business hours or arrange to ship them to us. We will issue a receipt for all items that documents what we have in our care. Customers can typically expect an appraisal within two weeks, depending on the number and complexity of items being appraised, and our schedule. Please inquire for a more specific timeline.

We can frequently coordinate in-person appraisal consultations by appointment, but will still need to take in your items to examine them with our equipment in most cases. We do this with our customers in mind to offer the most accurate appraisal.


Updated information

If a customer or insurance company requires more information than is on the appraisal we can arrange to see the item and add whatever details are necessary. In most cases, we do not charge for updates on appraisals we have done previously. We can often do these updates without inspecting the items again, adding a notation that references the previous appraisal.

Weights and grades

Unless you provide us with documentation, the carat weights of mounted gemstones will be approximate. The only way to determine the exact weight of a gemstone is to weigh it directly. If a stone is mounted we calculate an estimated weight based on dimension, with minimal margin for error.

Diamond grades will also be approximate unless you provide a report from a reputable gem laboratory. We do not have the equipment to detect all gemstone treatments or determine gemstone origins. We also do not have the x-ray machine necessary to determine whether pearls are natural or cultured. If we feel that more information is required to determine the value of your jewelry we may recommend you submit an item to a particular gemological laboratory.

We're here

To schedule an appointment with our Appraisals Department or for information about services offered by a particular store, please contact us.